3rd annual Innovations in Drug Formulation & Delivery -

3rd annual Innovations in Drug Formulation & DeliveryJune 8-9, 2015 / San Diego, CA

Newest Methods for Predicting Challenges to Solubility and Permeability While Matching Your Drug Compounds to the Ideal Formulation and Delivery Techniques

3rd annual Innovations in Drug Formulation & Delivery – 3rd annual Innovations in Drug Formulation & Delivery

Drug industry successes in the post-blockbuster era depend on the accuracy and versatility of formulation and preformulation experts. There has never been greater need to rapidly diversify your product portfolio and find new therapeutic approaches. In addition, the massive rise of generics and biosimilars has led to a more urgent need to improve existing drugs in order to expand their lifecycles and maximize revenue.

ExL’s 3rd annual Innovations in Drug Formulation & Delivery conference features all-new case studies on topics selected by YOU — our audience! Don’t miss this opportunity to improve solubility and developability and accelerate time to market.

Top Five Reasons to Attend

  1. Learn technical breakthroughs that add stability to hot-melt extrusions
  2. Maximize form control and solubility
  3. Improve compound success and reduce absorption challenges from the earliest stages
  4. Boost ROI by using modeling and simulation to reduce reliance on animal studies that lack predictive value
  5. Identify vehicles best for solubilizing early-stage compounds

Who Should Attend

Pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device professionals with responsibilities in the following areas should attend this conference:

  • Formulation/Preformulation
  • Preclinical Development
  • Pharmaceutics/Biopharmaceutics
  • Physicochemistry
  • Medicinal Chemistry/Analytical Chemistry
  • Toxicology
  • Solid State
  • Drug Discovery
  • Drug Delivery
  • PKDM
  • Life Cycle Management

This Conference Will Also Be Of Interest To:

  • Solubility & formulation service providers
  • Drug delivery service providers
  • API manufacturers
  • CROs
  • CMOs
  • Central labs