7th Aggregate Spend and Sunshine Act Summit -  Philadelphia, PA

7th Aggregate Spend and Sunshine Act Summit
June 15 - 16, 2016
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA

Enhance Data Disclosure, Transparency Reporting and Compliance Strategies to Drive Aggregate Spend Efficiency

7th Aggregate Spend and Sunshine Act Summit – 7th Aggregate Spend and Sunshine Act Summit

When any type of payment is offered to a physician from a life science company, documentation of this needs to be available to the general public. With rules explicitly outlined in the Physician Payments Sunshine Act, reporting these payments to the Department of Health and Human Services is mandatory, and failure to do so can bring severe consequences. Advisory board involvement may be crucial, but that is not the only way to get around these reporting penalties. Our expert speaking faculty of 18+ speakers at the 7th Aggregate Spend and Sunshine Act Summit will provide attendees with the tools to operate in the most transparent manner possible and ensure that no falsifications occur on their organizations’ behalf.

Top Five Reasons to Attend

  1. Discuss the validated physician list provided by CMS and the new additions that it will incorporate
  2. Analyze upcoming changes to the Sunshine Act and how they will affect the industry in the future
  3. Build protocols behind falsification expense reports and outline pipeline obligations surrounding information correction
  4. Optimize reporting exceptions and daily protocols for payment collections
  5. Incorporate flexibility into system protocols in order to efficiently cope with CMS rule changes

Who Should Attend

This conference is designed for representatives from pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies with responsibilities in the following areas:

  • Aggregate Spend
  • Corporate/Regulatory/Risk Compliance and Ethics
  • State Reporting/Transparency Spend Reporting
  • Transparency
  • Business Analysis and Development
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Legal and Regulatory Affairs
  • Government Affairs
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Commercial Operations
  • Clinical Operations
  • IT/IS
  • Medical Affairs
  • Contract Administration
  • Internal and External Training
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