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Increasing Disease Awareness With Social Media

Regardless of your views on certain social media accounts and posts, there’s no denying the influence that Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms have on the public. So why not embrace these social networks to spread knowledge? Those in the life sciences understand the importance of disease awareness, so adding social media into the equation is a clear path for the industry.

Posts from professionals, patients, and more can sway the public’s knowledge about diseases and what those diseases entail. Also, just as social media has influenced opinions and changed minds, taboo ailments (i.e., mental illness, HIV,…


Top 10 Best U.S. Hospitals of 2017 & 2018

We all want the hospital that our loved ones or we visit to be the best — but which hospitals are actually outstanding in our country? Here at ExL Events, we’re always curious about rankings within the industries our conferences touch upon, so we’re excited to share this new list of with you. According to the recent “Honor Roll” ranking over at U.S. News & World Report, the following are the top ten U.S. hospitals of 2017 and 2018 that provide “exceptional treatment across multiple areas of care.”

1. Mayo Clinic
2. Cleveland Clinic


Drug Repurposing, Diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, and Gila Monster Saliva

Exenatide treats Type 2 diabetes, but a recent study has led to positive steps in treating Parkinson’s disease. Derived from the saliva of a Gila monster, this GLP-1 hormone mimicking drug could find success outside of its designated treatment, furthering the discussion of drug repurposing in the pharmaceutical industry.

According to our friends over at FierceBiotech, the researchers observed 60 patients with Parkinson’s disease, who had injected themselves once a week with either a placebo or exenatide, while still taking their current prescriptions for 48 weeks. Afterward, the patients were removed from their treatment regimens so that the researchers could…


Just Announced: The 7th CROWN Congress, January 23–25, 2018 at the Westin Philadelphia

The 7th Annual CROWN Congress will be held on January 23–25, 2018 at the Westin Philadelphia, ExL Events is happy to announce. This intimate summit attracts leading experts, forward-thinking visionaries, and senior-level executives and offers an interactive forum to discuss the forces changing the industry and how clinical operations must adapt to succeed. With well over half of the audience representing pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies and an even split between those focused on clinical operations, outsourcing, and quality, it’s the perfect balance of perspectives making…


FDA Head & Former ExL Speaker, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, Takes to Twitter With Clear Stance on Vaccines

Recently sworn-in commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Dr. Scott Gottlieb has affirmed his stance on the vaccination debate in many instances, but a recent Twitter post is sure to make his intentions on the matter perfectly clear. Unlike the man who appointed him to his position, President Donald Trump, toes the line of anti-vaccine and pro-vaccine, Gottlieb is embracing his new status to spread scientific data and other newsworthy tidbits on the matter.

In a message to his followers, Dr. Gottlieb shared an infographic the country before and…


Featured Speakers: 5th Promotional Review Committee Compliance & Best Practices

ExL Events is hosting the 5th Annual Promotional Review Committee Compliance & Best Practices conference on October 16–17, 2017 at the Wyndham Hamilton Park in Florham Park, NJ. Here, we take a look at the conference’s impressive list of featured speakers!

Featured Speakers:

Cynthia Akue, Promotional Planner, ALLERGAN

Sergio Alegre, Vice President, Global Compliance, VERTICAL PHARMACEUTICALS

Jill Charbonneau, Director, Regulatory Affairs, AdProm, Product Launch and Labeling, MARATHON PHARMACEUTICALS

Masha Chestukhin, Senior Manager, North America Compliance, SANOFI

Howard Dorfman, Senior Corporate Counsel, EDGE THERAPEUTICS

David Jacobs, Assistant General Counsel, Commercial Brands, DAIICHI SANKYO

Sameer Lal, Senior Vice President,…


4 Worrisome Issues About Working With Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers have made their way into the pharma industry and embracing this new marketing strategy in your company is a no-brainer. But with new avenues comes other issues to look out for so that your message doesn’t turn into something that can hurt your business. Here, we take a look at four worrisome issues about working with social media influencers in the world of life sciences, medicine and more.

When considering the possible benefits for your company of reaching out to an influencer, you should take these issues into consideration.

Genuineness: Like any contractor brought into the…


Hashtags, Digital Marketing, and Medical Issues

Capitalizing on new social media strategies is imperative for every industry, but with spreading the word regarding medical issues the subject matter can be dire. In the life sciences and medical industries, digital marketing plays a huge role in advancing one’s company in an ever-evolving landscape and can determine said organization’s relevance to consumers. In today’s blog post, we’re taking a look at digital marketing’s easiest and arguably most crucial practice: hashtags. Are you implementing the hashtag (#) the best you can? What practices should one follow when using hashtags? Let’s take a look together!

Hashtags make Twitter and other…


The Top 10 Diabetes Drugs by Sales

If you’re reading this post, you’re likely involved in the world of diabetes in some way — either as a patient yourself or as a supporter of a loved one that is diabetic. What drugs have you used to treat diabetes in your life? You could have that medicine/treatment in common with others affected by diabetes. Just below, FiercePharma has compiled the 2016 sales rankings of diabetes drugs, based on data from EvaluatePharma. The following graphic breaks down this information by drug class, drug name, pharmaceutical company, and sales, all compiled into an easy-to-understand…


Just Announced: The First and Only Life Science Investor Relations Forum

BrochureExL Events has just announced the industry’s first annual Life Science Investor Relations Forum, hosted on September 7–8, 2017 in Boston, MA. This inaugural event will bring together investor relations professionals to address the diverse set of challenges faced in the life science industry. We’ve assembled an expert speaking faculty who will provide two content-packed days of thought-provoking dialogue. This engaging and informative event will also offer ample networking time for IR professionals.

“We’re excited about this conference. We’ve had professionals tell…


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