6th CROWN Congress -

6th CROWN Congress
March 7 - 9, 2017
Philadelphia, PA

An Elite Gathering of Clinical Decision-Makers Ready to Learn, Network and Engage on Topics Critical to the Effective Development, Execution and Management of Clinical Trials

6th CROWN Congress – 6th CROWN Congress

The CROWN Congress attracts an elite gathering of clinical decision-makers eager to learn, network and engage on topics critical to the effective development, management and execution of clinical trials. CROWN provides a comprehensive education on the latest strategies, trends, tools and technologies for advancing clinical trials and enables you to make the connections necessary to optimize clinical trials. This multi-tracked event is built around topics such as clinical innovation, risk management, outsourcing strategies, operational metrics, risk-based monitoring, relationship building, patient engagement, site performance and clinical data optimization.

Top Five Reasons to Attend

  1. Be part of a unique and intimate forum of senior-level decision-makers able to influence industry change.
  2. Achieve a comprehensive education on the latest strategies, trends, tools and technologies for advancing clinical trials.
  3. Make the necessary connections to position your company for success with the highest ratio of industry representatives to suppliers.
  4. Leverage the knowledge of this senior-level group by engaging with an audience where more than 80% hold Director-level and above titles.
  5. Customize your agenda to select only the topics important to you, presented by relevant clinical executives spearheading industry advancement and driving innovation. This multi-tracked event is packed with research-based session topics on today’s critical issues. Choose your preferred topics and learning environment with interactive workshops, session tracks, educational presentations, interactive panels and ample networking opportunities.

2016 Audience Breakdown

80% of the Audience Represented Director-Level and Above

Who Should Attend

This conference is designed for professionals from pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies; CROs; and other service providers involved with developing, executing, managing and optimizing clinical trials. Attendees’ job responsibilities include:

  • Clinical Operations
  • Clinical Research
  • Clinical Development
  • Clinical Outsourcing/Vendor Selection and Management
  • Clinical Management/Oversight
  • Clinical Quality Assurance/Control
  • Clinical Compliance
  • Good Clinical Practice/GCP
  • Clinical Monitoring
  • Clinical Data Management
  • Clinical Trial Design
  • Study Management/Clinical Project Management
  • Clinical Site Selection/Contracting/Management
  • Clinical Sourcing/Strategic Sourcing/Procurement
  • Patient Recruitment/Engagement/Enrollment
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