2017 DMC Optimization Summit – 2017 DMC Optimization Summit

The 2017 DMC Optimization Summit is an advanced conference on endpoint adjudication. Over the course of this beyond-the-basics forum, attendees will 1) analyze strategies to craft a charter; 2) discuss principles for instituting a Clinical Endpoint Committee (CEC); 3) scrutinize procedures for capturing, managing and monitoring data; and 4) look at guidance documents for adjudication.

Through networking, case studies and panel discussions, professionals from biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies will return to work with the necessary tools and acumen to enhance and streamline endpoint adjudication. This conference will feature an embedded master class on the first morning of the conference, which will clarify the fundamentals of endpoint adjudication.

With two days of educational content and ample networking time, the 2017 DMC Optimization Summit is a must-attend event for professionals aiming to adapt and otherwise improve upon endpoint adjudication best practices.


Frank Rockhold, Professor of Biostatistics, DUKE UNIVERSITY

Michael Pencina, Director, Biostatistics, DUKE CLINICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE

Learning Objectives

Discuss the management, operation, and formation of your data monitoring committee
Identify the appropriate procedures to enhance DMC independence
Establish charters that include well-defined standard operating procedures
Examine the confidentiality of interim data and analyses
Discover the processes of collecting, cleaning, and summarizing data, which are required for your DMC

Who Should Attend

This conference is designed for professionals in biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device companies with responsibilities in the following areas:

  • Medical/Clinical Safety
  • Medical/Scientific Affairs
  • Clinical Operations
  • Event Adjudication
  • Biostatistics
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Protocol Management
  • Clinical Monitoring
  • Data Management
  • Electronic Data Capture
  • Clinical Development
  • Project/Trial Management
  • Regulatory
  • Study Design
  • Informatics
  • Safety Operations
  • Medical Products Safety

This conference is also of interest to:

  • Consultancies
  • Technology Solution Providers
  • Medical Imaging Vendors
  • Data Management Companies
  • Academic Research Organizations
  • Medical Research Institutions
  • Site Management Networks
  • Investigative Site Networks
2017-10-19 2017-10-20 Join us at the 2017 DMC Optimization Summit in Philadelphia this October. This two-day educational event imparts the savvy of experts and industry leaders that will yield a robust endpoint adjudication process. http://exlevents.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/C904-1920x400.png ExL Events
3549 Chestnut Street Philadelphia PA
2017 DMC Optimization Summit