Sponsors – 2017 DMC Optimization Summit

The 2017 DMC Optimization Summit is the premier life science event for clinical professionals to connect with CROs, medical imaging solution providers, data management companies and AROs.

Consider sponsoring or exhibiting at this event if your organization is interested in networking and forming lasting relationships with industry executives. Learn more by contacting Andrew Sinetar, Managing Director of Sales, at 212-400-6237 or asinetar@exlevents.com.

ACI Clinical

ACI Clinical was founded in 2001 as an independent specialty group within clinical research. For more than a decade, we have focused on driving best practices in managing Independent Expert Committees – primarily Data Monitoring Committees, Endpoint Adjudication Committees, and Safety Assessment Committees – in order to provide clinical trial sponsors with an effective process based on established best practices, current regulatory thinking and proprietary technologies to ease committee interactions. By combining internal expertise with our global network of more than 500 experts as a source of committee members, ACI delivers strategic guidance and reliable execution for expert committees.

Website: http://www.aciclinical.com/

IBM Watson Health

IBM® Clinical Development from Watson Health™ is a global SaaS solution that can help transform trials and accelerate delivery of needed therapies to patients in the Cognitive Era. With a robust EDC system at its core, the platform offers researchers access to hidden insights and end-to-end visibility into trial data. Scalable in feature and function, the solution can be tailored to any trial size or phase. Watson Health: Empower Heroes and Transform Health. Visit www.ibmclinicaldevelopment.com.

Website: https://www.ibmclinicaldevelopment.com