3rd Human Factors Engineering & Usability Studies Summit - San Francisco, CA

3rd Human Factors Engineering & Usability Studies Summit
February 12 - 13, 2018
San Francisco, CA
San Francisco, CA

Complying with the Latest Regulatory Guidelines, Updating the Design and Validation Testing Protocols for Medical Devices and Combination Products, and Optimizing the User Experience

Sponsors – 3rd Human Factors Engineering & Usability Studies Summit

The 3rd Human Factors Engineering & Usability Studies Summit is an unequaled forum for networking with decision-makers in the medical device and combination product sector.  If you are interested in highlighting your skill at human factors engineering, device design, validation, user group studies, clinical trial or protocol management, or other related areas, please contact David Finkel at 917-242-3898 or dfinkel@exlevents.com.


Agilis is a full-service human factors firm focused exclusively on the medical industry. Our medical experience includes:

  • Combination Products
  • Diagnostic Devices
  • Therapeutic Devices
  • Critical Care Devices
  • Clinical Laboratories

We provide services in four areas of focus — each one integral to seamless product clearance, approval, and market success:

  • Human Factors Engineering
  • Evidence-Based Instructional Labeling and Training
  • Human Factors Regulatory Guidance
  • Postmarket Surveillance

Website: https://agilisconsulting.com/

BlackHägen Design

BlackHägen Design is an interdisciplinary, R&D consultancy. At our core, user-centered methodologies drive innovation and sustainable product development of safety-critical devices and systems. This foundation of rigorous processes enables BH to be usability design experts. Our strategic relationships strive to discover, design and develop products and procedures which enhance technical, clinical and lifestyle conditions. We have cultivated long-term partnerships with start-up entities and market leaders alike, enabling profitability and market-share growth through high collaboration.

Website: https://www.blackhagendesign.com/

Design Science

Design Science is retained by product development teams to improve the usability, safety, and customer appeal of products. We creatively apply technical expertise from a variety of social science and design disciplines to support this mission.

Founded in 1991, Design Science was one of the first consultancies to focus on the person/product interface. We have deep roots in those product categories where usability is mission critical — particularly medical devices.

Website: https://dscience.com/


Worrell is a global design firm that specializes in healthcare innovation and strategy. Since 1976, Worrell has served medical device and pharmaceutical companies with expertise in ethnographic research, human factors engineering, and design and development programs. Working on the front lines with patients and healthcare professionals, Worrell uncovers unmet needs to bring new drug delivery, medical device, and digital health solutions to the market.

Website: https://worrell.com/

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