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Is Your Competitive Intelligence Saving You Money?

Life Science Competition Congress blog post logoIn 2014, global pharmaceutical sales amounted to almost 1 trillion dollars worldwide. The life science industry is huge, and it is growing each year, but the competition is getting fierce.

Gathering and utilizing competitive information to improve your organization’s bottom line can be a tricky process. Big data is getting more overwhelming each day, but transferring that information mass into valuable insights can spark more strategic outreach and help skyrocket company ROI. Indeed, Sanofi’s head of US regulatory policy and intelligence, Linda Bowen, recently encouraged regulatory affairs professionals to be “true detectives” in their pursuit of publicly available information on subjects such as future policies, legislation, regulations and guidances.

To ensure you are caught up with the latest news in the competitive intelligence space, check out our recently released State of the Industry: Competitive Intelligence. This report discusses a variety of issues, including:

  • Changes that big data is bringing to the industry
  • How regulatory intelligence is making its mark
  • The benefits of monitoring big data analytics and competitive intelligence, such as reducing risk during trials and avoiding serious delays

We hope you enjoy reading it!

Learn More at the Life Science Competition Congress

We will continue this conversation at ExL’s Life Science Competition Congress, which takes place November 16-17, 2015 in Morristown, NJ. This the world’s first and only life science event focused on taking a multi-disciplinary competitive approach, including CI and BI professionals and all other stakeholders in the game. Join us to uncover strategies behind enhancing competitive insight platforms, building business intelligence systems, improving research efficiency and enhancing decision-making processes. Visit our event page for more information or to sign up now.

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