Sponsors – 2017 Trial Protocol Optimization and Design Congress

The 2017 Protocol Optimization and Design Congress is your source for the freshest perspective on protocol design. To learn more about sponsorship and exhibition opportunities at this event, please contact David Finkel, Business Development Manager, at 917-242-3898 or dfinkel@exlevents.com.

Information Mediary Corporation (IMC)

Information Mediary Corporation (IMC) manufactures intelligent devices that include the award-winning Med-ic® and eCap™ electronic compliance monitors (ECM©s). ECMs address the problem of poor patient compliance with prescribed medication by monitoring medication-taking behavior in real time, tracking each dose removed by the patient.

Med-ic is a medication event monitoring system in the form of a Smart Package. The result of 14 years of R&D and continuous quality improvement (CQI), Med-ic combines affordability with accuracy, flexibility and reliability. Med-ic integrates seamlessly into existing packaging systems and is as easy to use as affixing an address label.

Website: http://www.informationmediary.com/