2nd CNS Clinical Trials Forum - Philadelphia, PA

2nd CNS Clinical Trials Forum
January 30 - 31, 2017
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA

Position Your Clinical Trial for Success Through Streamlined Trial Execution, Ideal Patient Recruitment and Innovative Partnering Models

2nd CNS Clinical Trials Forum – 2nd CNS Clinical Trials Forum

Pharmaceutical companies developing new CNS products face complex obstacles in improving trial processes and quality in order to optimize products’ life cycles — not only are CNS trials more expensive and more time-consuming than other trials, they’re also less likely to be successful and gain approval. With therapies for CNS-related disorders representing 21% of the total pharmaceutical marketplace but only 8% of CNS drugs making it through clinical trials, it’s clear that a well-executed CNS clinical trial can be extremely lucrative for a company.

To help guide you in your CNS clinical trials, ExL Events is proud to bring you the 2nd CNS Clinical Trials Forum. Join us and discover how to best position your clinical trial for success via unique partnering and licensing agreements, ideal patient recruitment strategies, accurate predictive outcome models, and more.

Top Five Reasons to Attend

  1. Learn how to develop a strong clinical operations team with internal stakeholders and external partners to prepare for successful neuroscience clinical trials
  2. Identify new trends and technologies in CNS product development
  3. Improve endpoint selection and determine how to best compare entry scores and endpoints
  4. Partner with IRBs, sites and other key stakeholders to improve your chances of a successful CNS trial
  5. Lower the risk of the placebo effect in CNS trials

Who Should Attend

This conference is designed for professionals from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, as well as clinical research organizations, with responsibilities in the following areas:

  • Clinical Sciences
  • Clinical Development
  • Technology Development
  • Clinical Operations/Research
  • Pharmacovigilance/Pharmacokinetics
  • Early Development
  • Early Phase Research
  • Formulation
  • Biologics
  • Clinical Informatics
  • Outsourcing
  • Product Development
  • Drug Safety
  • Trial Design Management
  • Clinical Regulatory Affairs/Compliance/Outsourcing
  • Medical Research/Affairs

This event is also of interest to:

  • Sites
  • IRBs
  • Clinical Development Statistics Organizers
  • Quality Data Management Service Providers
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