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Three Tech Trends to Watch

Meeting Planners BannerThis guest blog post is from Tallen Technology Rentals. Join Tallen’s CEO Andy Taffin as he moderates a panel discussion titled “INNOVATIVE TOOLS AND TECHNOLOGIES: Advancing Meetings, Engaging Participants and Optimizing Education Through Innovative Tools and Technologies,” on Day Two of the conference, Thursday, November 5, 2015, from 9:00 to 9:45 am.

It’s an exciting time to be a meeting planner in the life sciences industry. New technologies continue to drive the roles and responsibilities of event and meeting pros into a state of continuous evolution. Meeting and event stakeholders are ever-demanding new ways to explore, discover and interact with all different types of technologies; meeting professionals are tasked with selecting and deploying the latest and greatest innovative technologies that ensure smooth content delivery, drive attendee engagement and capture insight.

We as an industry, especially in the AV community, are always looking for interesting and unexpected trends that present different perspectives or fresh approaches to old problems. With that in mind, here is a brief look at some of the more interesting recent concepts.

Advanced Recording and Visual Identification Technology

Most everyone who has participated in an Advisory Board meeting (and subsequently listened to and viewed the recording) has, at some point, experienced difficulty discerning exactly who was talking. Tallen has recently patented an innovative recording identification program that allows other attendees to visually identify who is speaking even when they are not in the room, changing the way Advisory Boards are heard and seen. This eliminates the need for moderation and simplifies the transcription process. Even while watching a video of the meeting, the different voices and camera angles can make it unclear exactly who was speaking and when. The technology works by using metadata and decibel recognition to completely eliminate the guesswork and identify each person who is speaking by lighting up the person’s name at the time they are speaking. This technology is providing new depth to the research process and adding value to many existing virtual web meeting platforms by allowing virtual attendees to interact as if they were in the room in a much more robust and clear manner than had been previously available.


Events where groups of life sciences professionals convene to learn are turning out to be great opportunities for gamification. This is one trend that is actually making life sciences industry meetings more fun for attendees, which is why we think gamification is an especially important trend to watch. Described as “using game mechanics and design for non-gaming purposes,” gamification is another way in which technology is impacting the life sciences meeting industry by giving meeting planners a way to increase engagement and capture data and information by adding fun competitions to education and networking. Recent advances in mobile device technology and faster and more dependable on-premise web access are the main drivers for the gamification of meetings and events, which leads in to the next tech trend….

Mobile Event Apps Achieve Ubiquity

Around the 2012 timeframe, many industry experts and consultants were focused on mobile event apps that performed all kinds of services aimed at all sorts of different players at events of all types and sizes. Before 2012, mobile apps were seen as not much more than a digital version of the event agenda. Since 2012, apps have become ubiquitous in the life sciences meeting industry, though (for several disparate reasons) it actually took until 2014 to cross the chasm from what one professional corporate meetings planner described as “the technologies meeting planners believe should be incorporated into an event” to “the solutions attendees expect to be part of their meeting experience.” The real impact that mobile event apps have stems from their ability to facilitate engagement and content distribution between attendees, speakers and organizers and help attendees document ideas as they appear (such as on the back of a napkin or on a whiteboard) in a spontaneous and intuitive manner.

We listed these trends based on our day-to-day observations and from feedback we’ve solicited from our many clients in the meetings industry, and we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

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