3rd Life Science Knowledge Management Summit - Philadelphia, PA

3rd Life Science Knowledge Management Summit
August 8 - 9, 2016
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA

Drive Business Decisions and Optimize the Relationship Between People, Summit Processes and Technology Through Robust Knowledge Management Systems

3rd Life Science Knowledge Management Summit – 3rd Life Science Knowledge Management Summit

In our increasingly digital world, companies that prioritize and harness their institutional knowledge and the collective learning of their researchers, thinkers and leaders are thriving. Life science companies in particular require strategic knowledge management systems and up-to-date tools necessary to maintain their competitive advantage. Incorporating knowledge management systems into a corporation’s daily function vitalizes big data and the body of information necessary for companies to flourish. Advances in technology have not only made it easier to capture and retrieve knowledge, they have also made it easier to learn and innovate collaboratively.

This event delves into the relationship between knowledge management, content management and culture. Experienced thought leaders in this field will convene at this event to help you find the balance between designing knowledge management systems that both influence and are influenced by a company’s culture.

The 3rd Life Science Knowledge Management Summit will provide you with solutions to create and implement a dependable, functional and secure knowledge management system. Participants will design systems to handle big data analysis and optimize intranet search engines that increase your potential, and that of your company, to succeed.


Top Reasons to Attend

  • Couple vison-driven design with user-centered features for a cohesive KM ecosystem
  • Network and learn from the FDA and 15+ experts and leaders from pharma
  • Streamline knowledge sharing in the face of global dispersal, M&As and cross-departmental use
  • Ensure alignment of people, technology and content management for optimal implementation
  • Bolster KM efficacy through targeted analytics and the elimination of silos
  • Ensure data security and integrity in cloud-based systems

Who Should Attend

This conference is of interest to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industry professionals with responsibilities in the following areas:

  • Knowledge Management
  • Information and Records Management
  • Information Architecture/Engineering
  • Biomedical/Translational Informatics
  • Enterprise Search and Retrieval
  • Information Retrieval and Analysis
  • Competitive Business Intelligence
  • Data Architecture/Management
  • Clinical Planning and Performance
  • Legal Counsel
  • Human Resources
  • Organizational Development/Effectiveness
  • Change Management
  • Communications/Public Affairs
  • Learning and Education
  • Project Management
  • Search Solutions
  • Research Computing
  • Library Systems/Medical Information Management
  • IT Application/Innovation
  • Business Intelligence

This event is also of interest to:

  • Records/Data Management Solution Entities
  • Database Maintenance Solution Providers
  • Big Data Management Companies
  • Consultancies
  • Business Intelligence Solution Organizations
  • Cloud Computing Solution Providers
  • Social Media Data Companies
  • Business Intelligence Strategy Providers
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