6th CROWN Congress -

6th CROWN Congress
March 7 - 9, 2017
Philadelphia, PA

An Elite Gathering of Clinical Decision-Makers Ready to Learn, Network and Engage on Topics Critical to the Effective Development, Execution and Management of Clinical Trials

Sponsors – 6th CROWN Congress

What makes CROWN unique is the seniority and influence of the audience. The industry’s leaders and visionaries come ready to learn about, share and listen to strategies, tools and best practices for optimizing their clinical trial operations. CROWN offers an ideal forum to showcase your organization’s solutions to clinical decision-makers and form new business relationships. For information on sponsorship and exhibition opportunities, contact Andrew Sinetar, Managing Director of Strategic Business Development, at 212-400-6237 or asinetar@exlevents.com.

August Research

August Research is an American-owned CRO offering clinical trial services in Central and Eastern Europe. With over 15 years of experience in the region, we offer expertise in a variety of therapeutic indications and study phases. Our team of experienced CRAs, Project Managers and Regulatory specialists provide the highest quality of service while still being flexible to meet our clients’ needs. Realize the benefits of working in Central and Eastern Europe with August Research.

Website: http://www.augustresearch.com/


Clincierge™ reduces barriers to clinical trial participation, enhancing enrollment and reducing dropouts. We help put patient needs first, providing personalized support, travel and accommodation logistics, and directly paying trial-related costs outside of reimbursable incidental expenses. Live assistance in the patient’s own language helps answer study-related questions or concerns. We readily address special needs and complex trial designs, building custom solutions to specific study-related problems. We operate worldwide in 30 countries and 23 languages, adding service areas and capabilities as needed. Our goal is to reduce clinical testing time and cost, thus helping get new treatments to market as swiftly as possible.

Website: http://clincierge.com/


CluePoints® is a Risk-Based Monitoring and Central Statistical Monitoring solution that has been designed and perfected over the last 15 years. It employs unique statistical algorithms to determine the quality, accuracy, and integrity of clinical trial data both during and after study conduct. Aligned with guidance from the ICH, FDA, and EMA, CluePoints® is deployed to support traditional on-site monitoring, medical review and to drive a Risk-Based Monitoring strategy.

Website: http://www.cluepoints.com/


Cmed is an innovative, full-service, technology-led CRO, dedicated to providing customers with friendly, proactive and supportive customer service. Cmed brings together a team of experienced people and its own innovative technology to inspire and drive real progress throughout the clinical trial process. Cmed’s new generation Clinical Data Suite, encapsia™, streamlines the capture, management and reporting of clinical data beyond what is currently possible.

Website: http://www.cmedtechnology.com/


Covance Inc., the drug development business of Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings (LabCorp) headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, USA, is the world’s most comprehensive drug development company, dedicated to advancing healthcare and delivering Solutions Made Real®. Information on Covance’s solutions can be obtained through its website at www.covance.com.

Website: http://www.covance.com/


ERT is a global data and technology company that minimizes uncertainty and risk in clinical trials so that its customers can move ahead with confidence. With nearly 50 years of clinical and therapeutic experience, ERT balances knowledge of what works with a vision for what’s next, so it can adapt without compromising standards.

Powered by the company’s EXPERT® technology platform, ERT’s solutions enhance trial oversight, enable site optimization, increase patient engagement and measure the efficacy of new clinical treatments while ensuring patient safety. In 2017, ERT supported more than 60% of all FDA drug approvals. Pharma companies, biotechs and CROs have relied on ERT solutions in 13,000+ studies, spanning more than three million patients to date. By identifying trial risks before they become problems, ERT enables customers to bring clinical treatments to patients quickly — and with confidence.

For more information, go to ert.com or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Website: https://www.ert.com/

Flex Databases

Flex Databases is a software solutions company that provides instant access to CTMS, LMS and EDC for clinical R&D companies that enjoy the quality and flexibility of their partners. Flex Databases provides a combination of extraordinary flexibility, fair prices, go-the-extra-mile service and support with a constant focus on quality.

Website: http://www.flexdatabases.com/en/


GlobalCare brings more than 100 years of experience in the clinical trials and home healthcare industries supporting over 400 studies in over 50 countries by effectively delivering high-quality and convenient clinical trial services in the home or alternate-site setting. GlobalCare maintains a global clinical network of ambulant clinicians and country coordinators and operates offices in North America and Europe. GlobalCare supports all phases of clinical trials in a variety of therapeutic areas, genomics and personalized medicine in all age groups. GlobalCare also provides a variety of site support services. Please call today at +1 (847) 282-3280 or e-mail us at info@globalcarect.com.

Website: http://www.globalcarect.com/


iCardiac Technologies, Inc. is a leading global provider of centralized cardiac safety and pulmonary function testing services. The company’s customers include 7 of the largest 10 global pharma companies, as well as numerous small and medium-sized pharma and biotech companies. Its deep scientific expertise has enabled iCardiac to pioneer a number of critical innovations that enable sponsors to de-risk and speed up their development programs, and to optimize patient recruitment by avoiding false subject exclusions.

Website: http://www.icardiac.com/

Information Services Group (ISG)

Information Services Group (ISG) is a leading research, benchmark, consulting and sourcing advisory services company. We use data and experience gained from over 16,000 engagements to help our clients achieve operational excellence. ISG is announcing the launch of its Clinical Sourcing Advisory (CSA) practice which will focus on bringing over 25 years of experience in advising sourcing contracts to help clients optimize their relationships with CROs.

Website: http://www.isg-one.com/


inSeption’s insistence upon securing the “right” people to integrate into a true partnership alliance with its clients eliminates the vulnerability so often felt by operational leaders faced with evaluating traditional outsourcing options. inSeption’s core competency of identifying and securing the most experienced and proficient professionals builds the crucial foundation of a successful drug development program. Actively collaborating with its clients to custom design, hand select and assemble high-performing project teams empowers inSeption to tailor its services specifically to meet the needs of their programs. The inSeption model provides increased control, full transparency of project deliverables and timelines, and significant operational and cost efficiencies.

Website: http://www.inseptiongroup.com/


KPS is a global, innovative clinical outsourcing provider delivering clinical trial monitoring, management and quality oversight services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and related industries. Founded and operated as a more customer-centric and nimble alternative to traditional CROs, KPS offers a full range of services leveraging the latest clinical technologies.

Website: http://www.kpslife.com/


NCGS, Incorporated is an international full-service CRO, providing clinical development support to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and diagnostic companies. NCGS’ business model is discernibly different from the industry standard: Utilizing highly tenured staff, NCGS consistently delivers studies on time, within budget and of the highest quality. NCGS is a WBENC-certified diversity supplier, has been in operation for more than 30 years, and supported the approval or expanded labeling of 34 products with zero 483s.

NCGS understands that the CRO-Sponsor relationship is one of shared vision, complementary expertise and trust. NCGS’ team understands the demands of the life science industries, seeking ways to make each clinical effort more quality-based, thorough, timely and cost-effective.

NCGS’ mission is to protect research subjects, capture quality data and maintain the integrity of science with the same passion one would protect their own domain. Each staff member is charged to function under the mantras, “This product could easily be used on your parent, sibling or yourself.” and “It is not only our hope for this product, it is the world’s hope for this product.”

Website: http://www.ncgs.com/


QuintilesIMS is a leading integrated information and technology-enabled healthcare service provider worldwide, dedicated to helping its clients improve their clinical, scientific and commercial results. Formed through the merger of Quintiles and IMS Health, QuintilesIMS’ approximately 50,000 employees conduct operations in more than 100 countries. Companies seeking to improve real-world patient outcomes and enhance clinical trial outsourcing through treatment innovations, care provision and access can leverage QuintilesIMS’ broad range of healthcare information, technology and service solutions to drive new insights and approaches. QuintilesIMS provides solutions that span clinical to commercial bringing clients a unique opportunity to realize the full potential of innovations and advance healthcare outcomes.

Website: http://www.quintilesims.com

Rx Research Solutions

Rx Research Solutions is a clinical research consulting and project management firm that provides drug information services. We support investigators, pharmaceutical companies, CROs and other clinical research service providers, through the expertise of our team of drug information consultants. Our services are tailored to the varied project-specific needs of each client. Our research pharmacists collaborate as consultants on study teams, provide input on study design, conduct literature reviews to provide relevant clinical information, develop study protocols and SOPs, manage adverse event reports, assist with the preparations for site audits, draft drug information documents, and handle any aspect of a research or other health project that is within the scope of the professional expertise of pharmacists. Please visit our website for more information.

Website: http://rxresearchsolutions.com/

WorldCare Clinical

WorldCare Clinical (WCC) is a global imaging CRO that employs scientific expertise, innovative technology, and operational excellence to maximize the precision and accuracy of central radiology reviews of images in Phase I – IV clinical trials. Our team has worked with thousands of sites in more than 60 countries on FDA submission studies in oncology, neurology, musculoskeletal, and cardiovascular clinical trials. WCC uses a proprietary, Web-based technology that processes over 250 million images annually (CT, MRI, X-Ray, Echo, US, PET) and provides sponsors with Web-based access to images, as well as real-time reports. Originally founded in 1992 by the Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Radiology, WCC today is a Proscan Imaging company with both specialized in-house radiologists and world-class external radiologists who perform reviews. With over 400 employees worldwide supporting WorldCare Clinical’s mission, the company continues to maintain a strategic relationship with the Harvard Hospital System as well as other leading academic institutions.

For more information on WCC’s services, please visit our website at www.wcclinical.com or contact Thomas O’Donnell, Executive Vice President, at todonnell@wcclinical.com or (513) 924-5183.

Website: http://www.wcclinical.com/

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