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Advances in Drug Delivery Seminar in Boston!

In its seventh year, ExL’s Drug Formulation, Solubility & Bioavailability Summit (March 26–28, 2018, Boston) offers an exclusive, full-day seminar on Advances in Drug Delivery.

Advances in Drug Delivery Seminar Topics

Maintain Necessary Flexibility in the Clinical Testing and Production of Solid Dosage Tablets

Joachim Hoechel, Head, Clinical Pharmacology, BAYER


Panel: Achieve Breakthroughs in Oral Biologics Delivery

Moderator: Rakesh Dixit, Vice President, R&D, Global Head Biologics Safety Assessment, MEDIMMUNE


Encapsulation and Release of Peptides and Biologics at Higher Loadings Than W/O/W Emulsions for Nanoparticle and Depot Microparticle Delivery

Robert Prud’homme, Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering, PRINCETON UNIVERSITY


Make Advances in Long-Acting Injectable Delivery of Peptides

Liping Zhou, Head of Formulation Development, RA PHARMACEUTICALS


Develop Long-Acting Parenteral and Depot Delivery Systems and Models to Design and Predict Success in the Clinic

Jaymin Shah, Research Fellow, Pharmaceuticals Sciences Parenteral Development Centre of Emphasis, PFIZER


Solubility and Formulation Approaches for Injectable Drugs

Neera Jain, Senior Director, CMC, SYROS PHARMACEUTICALS


Targeted Tissue Delivery: Dream of the Decade

Ruchi Gupta, Scientist, MEDIMMUNE


Alternatives to Oral Dosing Routes

Meena Venugopal, Vice President, Biopharmaceutics, ALVOGEN

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