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An Interview with Atul Mahableshwarkar, CNS Clinical Trial Forum Chair

Atul Mahableshwarkar, Senior Medical Director, TAKEDA PHARMACEUTICALS
Conference chair Atul Mahableshwarkar, M.D., DFAPA

CNS clinical trials are some of the most intricate, time-consuming processes modern life science professionals deal with. They necessitate a great deal of attention to detail and a strong commitment to quality from all involved parties. With ExL Events’ premiere CNS Clinical Trial Forum rapidly approaching, we spoke to conference chairperson Atul R. Mahableshwarkar, M.D., DFAPA, to learn more about him and his thoughts on this timely topic.

How did you become involved in CNS clinical trials?

I’ve been involved in CNS trials for more than 15 years; initially as a principal investigator at a trial site and, after 2002, designing and running trials.

In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges CNS professionals are dealing with right now? Do you think we can overcome them?

We in the trial community face a wide range of challenges internally within our organizations. Time pressures, resources, and an incomplete understanding of the difficulties in designing and running clinical trials are all concerns. Externally, we face payer pressures, the need for ever-increasing amounts of data and regulatory challenges. There are also patient community challenges — we have difficulties in recruiting the right patients, obtaining accurate information and dealing with non-compliance — and site issues, like rater quality and consistency, staff turnover, and fewer new entrants to this area.

What’s keeping you late at the office?

Right now it’s a combination of thinking time to design effective and efficient trials along with my external involvement in the CNS trial community.

Are there any new developments or technologies you’re particularly interested in exploring in this space?

I’m interested in the impact of Obamacare on patient recruitment and anything and everything that can make trials efficient.

Who are you excited to meet at the CNS Clinical Trial Forum?

This meeting has such an amazing mix of patients, payers, caregivers and trial designers that I think 24 hours would not be enough in the day to meet all of them.

What are you hoping to gain by attending this event?

I’m looking forward to gaining a much broader perspective and understanding of the CNS clinical trial ecosystem.

Join Atul at the CNS Clinical Trial Forum

The CNS Clinical Trial Forum takes place this November 2-3 in Bethesda, MD and features leading experts across the CNS landscape who will be sharing best practices for developing and executing CNS clinical trials. Join Atul and other industry thought leaders at this event to learn how to best position your trial for success through unique partnering and licensing agreements, accurate predictive outcome models, ideal patient recruitment strategies, and more. Register now to attend!

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