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ExL Events’ December Content Marketing Program Makes the News!

ExL Events news

PM360 recently published an article discussing the engaging sessions that were presented at ExL’s 3rd Content Marketing for Life Sciences conference this past December. It highlights the key role content marketing has come to play in communications between life science companies and consumers. It also references some of the conference speakers, who came from companies like Becton Dickinson, Wego Health, American Medical Association, LinkedIn, Daiichi Sankyo and Eli Lilly to address some of the biggest issues life science marketers face today.

Read the full article over at 


Multichannel marketing report: Are pharma companies lagging in social media use?

social mediaMultichannel marketing is key to the survival of your company.  It’s important that you reach out to consumers not only through one or two traditional avenues, such as mass mailings or TV commercials; companies also need to take advantage of the digital world, and instantly connect with consumers through multiple devices and through multiple social media platforms and apps.

Pharmaceutical companies in general don’t have a great reputation for being digitally innovative or making the best use of digital venues for targeting consumers.  One example comes from…


What Happens When You Think Beyond The Pill?

In an environment and climate that is not certain, pharmaceutical companies will have to gain an understanding of its customers and give them the things they need. What customers really want and need is value beyond the pill. A customer having value beyond the pill was once looked at as something that was simply a good thing to have. Now, it has turned into an essential requirement in the market of healthcare.

Customers have a number of ideas and key insights, and customers can award pharmaceutical companies with great potential. The healthcare market is…


Can Multichannel Marketing Give Your Business a Boost?

Many businesses have decided to change their marketing strategies. Over the past few years, what once was a single channel strategy has turned into a multichannel strategy that has more focus on consumers. The multichannel strategy will mainly focus on the engagement of conversations with consumers. Multichannel marketing may be more composite than the strategy that wants to focus on the bigger audience, and concerning itself with the business and products or services.

Multichannel marketing includes a combination of both channels(offline and online) that are used to communicate with the audience. Technology continues to improve, and consumers are…


Do you speak eHealth? Your patients already do

Technology is a disruptive force in making people healthier, whether traditional stakeholders such as doctors, insurance companies, and pharmaceutical manufacturers are involved or not. To most effectively meet their customers’ needs, healthcare brands must embrace and explore new partnerships with the healthcare technology that their customers are engaged in. Instead of creating expensive new apps or engagement platforms that are unsustainable, brands should instead become their customers’ digital partner and curate the most useful technology for them.

Take Advantage of What Already Exists

If keeping people healthy is the end goal for healthcare brands,…


Why Pharma Companies Shouldn’t be Complacent About China

The Chinese market is potentially very lucrative for pharmaceutical companies; some analysts predict that in a couple of years, China will be established as the second largest pharmaceutical market in the world, after the US. Digital Pharma has even moved into the region, running it’s second year in China this July 17-18.

However, it’s important not to get complacent about the market in China and the profits that it can offer to pharma companies.

For one thing, when the Chinese economy experiences periods of slowing down, generally so does the amount of growth in the pharmaceutical market. Compared to a few…


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