15th Clinical Performance Metrics & Analytics Summit – 15th Clinical Performance Metrics

For more than 10 years, industry experts from pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic organizations — in addition to clinical research organizations and investigator sites — have depended on ExL Events’ Clinical Performance Metrics Series to gain proven strategies that enhance performance and improve quality in clinical trials. More than 500 industry professionals have walked away from this summit with the skills and knowledge needed to implement a sustainable, cross-functional approach to metrics in drug and medical device development.This December, come see for yourself why ExL’s Clinical Performance Metrics Series has dominated this space for 15 years. Key leaders assemble to divulge their best practices for adhering to regulatory guidance, leveraging data from past trials to define performance and process metrics that improve present and future clinical trials, decreasing error and variability through improved processes based on root cause analysis, and more! Clinical trials and their performance metrics have continued to evolve and grow, and so has ExL’s Clinical Performance Metrics Series. We look forward to seeing you in December!

Featured Speakers


Special Focus


• Define Optimal KPIs and Set Actionable Targeted Goals

• Be Proactive: Identify Objectives Before You Define KPIs


• Improve Cycle Time From Draft Budget Received From Sponsor to Budget Finalize

• Improve Inefficient Reporting Systems and Produce Reliable, Relevant, Timely Data


• Predictive Analysis: Calculate Risks and Allocate Resources

• Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: Improve Efficiency and Reliability


• Monitor Communication Between All Components of Clinical Trails

• Improve Productivity With Clear and Measurable Standards


• Collaborative Strategies With CRO Partnerships for Optimal Success

• Utilize Performance Metrics to Track Partnership Performance

Who Should Attend

This conference is designed for representatives from pharmaceutical, biotech, clinical research companies and academic research organizations with responsibilities in the following areas:

  • Metrics and Benchmarks
  • Clinical Operations/Research/Planning/Outsourcing
  • Study Management
  • Clinical Development and Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Data Management
  • Trial Compliance
  • Recruitment
  • Process Improvement
  • Operational Effectiveness
  • Site Performance Management
  • Information Systems/Resource Services
  • Data Analytics

This event is also of interest to:

  • Clinical Research Organizations
  • Institutional Review Boards
  • Data Management and Metrics Software Service Providers
  • Clinical Performance Service Providers
  • Clinical Trial Management Systems
  • Dashboard Intelligence Solutions
Startdate: 2018-12-06
End Date 2018-12-07

Description: The 15th Clinical Performance Metrics Summit showcases strategies to enhance performance and improve quality in clinical trials.
Performer: ExL Events
Address : 15th Clinical Performance Metrics & Analytics Summit