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8th Digital Marketing for Medical Devices West -

8th Digital Marketing for Medical Devices West
April 24 - 26, 2019
San Diego, CA

The Leading Event Series Providing Medical Device Marketers With Strategies and Actionable Insights to Connect With Customers in a More Meaningful Way

8th Digital Marketing for Medical Devices West – 8th Digital Marketing for Medical Devices West

As medical device manufacturers often operate using unique sales structures to target a niche market, many will not pursue traditional marketing strategies, but rather a tailored approached to communicate with their audience in a more meaningful way. Built on a foundation of seven years of timely and informative content, medical device organizations have relied on the 8th Digital Marketing for Medical Devices West conference as an integral part of their digital education when enhancing communication to their market about the groundbreaking devices they offer.

Top Five Reasons to Attend

  1. Network with other medical device marketers who are facing similar challenges and opportunities so you can learn from one another in a more casual setting
  2. Learn about recent successes and failures presented by stakeholders who lived through them in order to identify new opportunities and proactively anticipate roadblocks
  3. Participate in discussions around integrating sales and marketing to develop more cohesive outreach, reduce duplicative work and open communication to ensure departments are learning from one another
  4. Demonstrate value in a meaningful way to key customer bases, whether they be financially driven executives at hospitals, clinically driven surgeons, and healthcare providers, or patients who are motivated by several different factors
  5. Participate in the industry’s leading event series that provides you with unparalleled networking opportunities, insights you can’t get anywhere else, and access to vendors and solution providers who can help you develop and execute marketing strategies that stand out

Featured Speakers

Kristie Burns,
Chief Marketing Officer and Business Development,

Tatsiana Gremyachinskiy,
Digital Marketing Manager,

Austin Phillips,
Chief Marketing Officer,

Heidi Glasser,
Senior Marketing Manager,

Victorria Wytcherley,
Senior Manager, Digital Marketing Lead — Sleep and Respiratory Care,

Mike Krachon,
VP Sales and Marketing,

Annemarie O’Brien,
Senior Global Downstream Product Manager,

Mary-Jayne Trainor,
Senior Manager, Corporate Social Media,

Nick Wanliss,
Digital Marketing Specialist, ENT,
Startdate: 2019-04-24
End Date 2019-04-26

Description: The Digital Marketing for Medical Devices West conference is a leading event for device marketers who want their products stand out from the competition in an innovative way.
Performer: ExL Events
Address : 8th Digital Marketing for Medical Devices West
San Francisco

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