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2nd Disclosure and Transparency for Clinical Data Summit - Philadelphia, PA

2nd Disclosure and Transparency for Clinical Data Summit
August 13 - 14, 2018
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA

Balance Your Commercial Values and Ethical Responsibilities Through the Vigilant Execution of National and Global Data Transparency

Sponsors – 2nd Disclosure and Transparency for Clinical Data Summit

Do you want to spread the word about your organization’s solutions and services to those in attendance at the 2nd Data Disclosure and Transparency for Clinical Data? Take advantage of the opportunity to exhibit, underwrite an educational session, host a networking event or distribute promotional items to attendees. ExL Events will work closely with you to customize a package that will suit all of our needs.

To learn more about these opportunities, please contact Dor Peled at 917-258-5159 or

PA Consulting Group

PA is an innovation and transformation consultancy. We’ve got over 2,600 experts around the world working across a range of industries. We believe in the power of ingenuity to create a positive human future.

In Life Sciences, we change patient lives by transforming how pharma and biotech think, work and engage. We have partnered with Real Life Sciences to bring automated risk assessment, redaction and anonymization to clients by leveraging ARARA. ARARA, is an end-to-end technology platform, for handling EU Policy 0070 clinical submissions and GDPR Compliance.


Privacy Analytics

As the need to de-identify healthcare data grows, so do concerns over the privacy of protected health information (PHI). To address this, organizations must de-identify personal information using a risk-based approach that goes beyond simple masking techniques in order to produce a high-quality dataset that meets their specific needs for secondary use. Privacy Analytics allows healthcare organizations to quickly and easily apply a responsible de-identification methodology that ensures individual privacy and legal compliance.



TrialAssure is a global clinical trial disclosure and transparency reporting suite with unmatched experience in helping clients navigate complex regulatory submission and reporting challenges. TrialAssure helps meet regulatory compliance goals through a flexible, scalable, and streamlined platform that regularly adapts to ever-changing clinical trial disclosure requirements. TrialAssure was built from the ground up as a single, integrated transparency system, and it is continually strengthened by the experience of leading pharmaceutical industry compliance experts. For more information, visit:



TrialScope simplifies the complexities of clinical trial transparency. TrialScope’s award-winning, proven solutions have been implemented successfully and rigorously tested in the most complex environments. The company’s market-driven solutions and expertise enable sponsors to improve performance, mitigate compliance risk, and ultimately optimize efficiencies with tools, expertise, and processes.



Xogene provides comprehensive, quality clinical trial disclosure transparency services and related technologies for sponsors globally. Our list of services includes:

• Outsourced Disclosure Authoring (registries include, EuCTR and local registries)
• Plain or Lay Language Summaries
• Policy 0070 and 0043 – Document Anonymization
• Third Party Redactions
• Compliance Assessment for Disclosure
• Medical Writing
• Program and Project Management
• Technology Platform
• Disclosure Tracking Solution (PRIMETM)
• Compliance Tracker (RadarXTM) – Ask us about our FREE tool!

We can structure complete or supplemental outsourcing of disclosure activities, provide management consulting and deliver technology-driven solutions to suit each sponsor’s requirements.

With our expert knowledge of the evolving regulatory landscape, hands-on transparency experience and deep technical expertise, we partner with our clients in planning and executing a spectrum of data transparency initiatives. To learn more, please visit us at


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