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FDA Data Transparency: How Will Your Development Pipeline Benefit?

Frequently, new formulation approaches end up disappointing the industry because, instead of a breakthrough, they yield slow, incremental development. Is there anything on the horizon that can truly accelerate your drug pipeline? As The Washington Post reports, just a few weeks ago, FDA announced a pilot program to release more detailed study reports from clinical trials. This initiative should quickly provide drug development teams with a much larger library of information about safety and efficacy results to guide their own R&D. How is your company going to take advantage of this new program? Will the drugs you are working on be covered? What do you most hope to learn from a competitor’s candidate?

Stay on top of these exciting new developments by attending the 7th Drug Formulation, Solubility & Bioavailability Summit (March 26—28 in Boston). No other event goes into as much detail about refining, selecting, and modeling the performance of enabled formulations! This year’s program provides:

  1. Insight on the prospects of virtual or ultra-rapid drug development
  2. Detailed strategies on how to develop, deploy, and gauge the performance of the next generation of formulation modeling
  3. Methods to accelerate and anticipate long-term stability answers
  4. Techniques to shorten the bridge between preclinical and clinical data gathering
  5. Plus: a full-day intensive seminar on advances in drug delivery, featuring oral biologics, depot microparticles, long-acting injectables, targeted tissue delivery and much more!

We look forward to welcoming you to Boston later this month!


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