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Four Content Marketing Tips for Pharma

I love content Content marketing is one of the most effective tools life science professionals have in their arsenal. Developing an effective campaign, however, can be difficult. We’ve put together these simple tips to help guide you in the right direction.

Tip #1: Know Your Audience.

Before you start creating content, be sure you know the answer to this simple question: Who are you trying to reach? Keeping your target audience in mind as you create content can be the difference between a successful campaign and one that falls short. For instance, if you are marketing to physicians, try to focus on sharing information with them via “active” methods (like continuing education courses or workshops) instead of “passive” methods (like brochures). Brochures may be helpful for some audiences, but a recent study showed passive methods are not as effective as their counterparts when your goal is to reach physicians.

Tip #2: Use Storytelling to Earn Trust.

Consumers and stakeholders alike respond to storytelling in a way that builds trust between a company and their target audience. Given the battering the industry has taken in the wake of recent drug price debates, telling a story through your content can bolster faith in your brand and encourage others to share your content across their networks. Don’t simply advertise your products; create meaningful messages that will foster loyalty and keep your brand relatable in the eyes of your reader or viewer.

Tip #3: Tread Carefully on Social Media.

Social channels are an excellent avenue for reaching consumers — but they are also risky. As the controversy over Kim Kardashian’s unsolicited instagram endorsement of the nausea medication Diclegis showed, pharma organizations have to be hypervigilant about staying on the right side of industry regulations. Make sure any materials you release comply with guidelines set forth by the FDA and other applicable organizations, and keep track of what others say about your brand online.

Tip #4: Structure Campaigns with the Right Tools.

The tools you use can make or break the success of your marketing campaign. Great copy and two-way communication channels help form connections, but video is a growing area more life science marketers are starting to use. If videos will help you convey the information you want to share, make sure you invest the necessary funds to produce high-quality content, then integrate your video into your existing marketing efforts for maximum exposure.

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