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Harness the Potential of Artificial Intelligence

Harness the potential of artificial intelligence for early drug development to influence clinical design, improve health outcomes, and develop digital therapies at ExL’s AI Innovations for Life Science and Healthcare Summit East. Here, representatives from AstraZeneca, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and more, will consider the organizational discipline required to scale AI’s capabilities across multiple clinical development programs and examine healthcare data management systems to understand privacy, data protection, and data ownership. I invite you to review the entire agenda to learn more about the unmatched education provided at the Summit.

New Sessions

Data Mining Empowered by Real-World Data (RWD) and Federated Electronic Health Records (EHR) Network Platforms in Clinical Trials
Jane Fang, Director, R&D InformationASTRAZENECA

Data Integration and Sharing for Improved Analysis Leading to Better Patient Care
Victoria Gamerman, Head of U.S. Health Informatics and Analytics (Sr. Assoc. Director, Biostatistics and Data Sciences)BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM

Click here to register. You will not want to miss this unique opportunity to hear how machine learning and natural language processing are used to improve clinical development and how these technologies can be operationalized to meet evolving business needs.

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