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Hashtags, Digital Marketing, and Medical Issues

Capitalizing on new social media strategies is imperative for every industry, but with spreading the word regarding medical issues the subject matter can be dire. In the life sciences and medical industries, digital marketing plays a huge role in advancing one’s company in an ever-evolving landscape and can determine said organization’s relevance to consumers. In today’s blog post, we’re taking a look at digital marketing’s easiest and arguably most crucial practice: hashtags. Are you implementing the hashtag (#) the best you can? What practices should one follow when using hashtags? Let’s take a look together!

Hashtags make Twitter and other social media platforms the easiest forms of linking information together. If you’re tweeting about diabetes, you might want to turn that word into a hashtag so that those interested in the topic could come across your tweet more easily. If you’re throwing an event, create your own hashtag to keep attendees and those following the proceedings on this event in the loop and connected. But what makes for a good hashtag?

If you aren’t sure how to answer this question, the following online tools will certainly be of service to you:

Trendsmap is used to discover trending hashtags based on location.

Hashtagify is for trending Twitter and Instagram hashtags based on industry.

Ritetag delivers stats about how much exposure each hashtag will get.

This information comes from the DigitalPharma blog post, “3 Ways to Use Digital Marketing to Attract a Social Media Following.” Follow the link to learn the other two strategies to capitalize on some of the best social media practices in today’s life science and medical industries.

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