2017 Life Science Human Resource Symposium - Philadelphia, PA

2017 Life Science Human Resource Symposium
April 3 - 4, 2017
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA

Plan and Execute Vision-Driven Strategies for Talent Acquisition, Leadership Development and Employee Engagement in Times of Transition

Sponsors – 2017 Life Science Human Resource Symposium

The 2017 Life Science Human Resource Symposium is the premier life science event for HR executives, directors and managers in biotech, pharmaceutical companies and medical device companies. Consider sponsoring or exhibiting at this event if your organization is interested in networking and forming lasting relationships with industry executives. Learn more by contacting David Borrok at 212-400-6234 or dborrok@exlevents.com.

ROC Group

Return on Communication is our name, and it’s also our promise. ROC Group specializes in the people side of change. We communicate difficult change to employees, from sweeping transformation in systems and business processes to the complexities of HR programs.

For 20 years, ROC Group has worked to apply the latest in the social sciences, behavioral psychology and design thinking to make communications more effective. We invest in the skills of our people, so they can engage the hearts and minds of yours.

Website: http://rocgroup.com/

Talent Curve

Talent Curve is a human resource consulting firm. We help organizations boost employee engagement through sustainable initiatives in the area of career coaching and development. An employees’ internal career mobility is not always in plain sight — career ladders have been replaced by career jungle gyms that can be difficult to navigate. Keeping employees involved in the process and providing individual coaching through our collaborative Career Portal can make a significant impact on their engagement level as well as provide performance management data to HR executives.

What makes us different is the caliber of our career counselors combined with the freedom they have to create customized solutions for each and every situation. Our goal is to create the type of “engaged” employees who strive to make the most of their careers and who contribute the most to their organizations. In the process, we help to meet, exceed or enhance the goals of our clientele in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Through results-driven individual advising, high-impact workshops, interactive websites and high-tech distance-learning delivery methods, we provide the content that participants need in order to be their best in the present as well as poised for the future.

Website: http://www.talentcurve.com/

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