Medical Information & Communication Summit – Medical Information & Communication Summit

It is essential for sponsor organizations to clearly communicate specific medical and scientific information to any additional parties that are involved in the process. As medical information continues to evolve it is important to keep up with emerging trends to provide additional support to healthcare professionals and patients while implementing a successful risk assessment strategy. Gathering the right team to relay the specific information allows organizations to improve the safety and efficacy of specific products and attaining authentic perceptiveness from customers.

With the information that is gathered, team members must be consistent when delivering this information to specific inquiries. These standardized processes must be well thought out and are critical to the success of the organization. The “cookie-cutter” approach is simply time-consuming and very difficult to find the answers that are requested. Medical information teams receive thousands of questions a month in which they must navigate through documents to find answers that were previously recorded and ensure that the response remains the same. Certain Medical Information Systems assist teams when tracking inquiries to deliver better customer support and also increase efficiency to develop collaboration.

Top Five Reasons to Attend

  1. Evaluate the importance of Medical Information as a key resource, critical function, and a value driver
  2. Identify the need for resource development to further recognize the appropriate individuals for scientific platforms, to reflect upon FAQ’s, and develop standard response letters
  3. Recognize the importance for MI teams to be more innovative when assessing, reassessing, evaluating and redirecting inquiries as needed while establishing a specific time to regroup
  4. Analyze the impact of social media, IT and marketing on call centers and medical information communication with no abundant amount of information regarding compliance
  5. Develop engaging material that complements standard response documents and further patient understanding

Who Should Attend

This conference is designed for Life Sciences professionals with responsibilities in:

  • Medical/Scientific Communications
  • Medical Information
  • Medical Science Liaisons
  • Medical Writing
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Medical Affairs
  • Clinical/Scientific Affairs
  • Medical Education
  • Medical Strategy
  • Medical Operations
  • Healthcare Compliance
  • Patient Education
  • Clinical Project Management
  • Information Management

The conference will also benefit service provider groups including:

  • Medical communication consultants
  • Medical and Scientific Communication Vendors
  • Clinical Trial Service Providers
  • Data Management Vendors
  • Medical Affairs Service Organizations
  • Document and library management professionals
  • Technology vendors
Startdate: 2019-11-04
End Date 2019-11-05

Description: The Medical Information & Communications Summit will provide in-depth industry knowledge to increase efficiency when finding information to properly manage productivity and analyze customer inquiries, increase collaboration, and regulate content globally.
Performer: ExL Events
Address : Medical Information & Communication Summit