Medical Affairs & Communications Launch Readiness Summit – Medical Affairs & Communications Launch Readiness Summit

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In order to execute a successful product launch, medical affairs require an immense amount of operational and effective execution. Medical Affairs facilitate planning, and coordinate activities by time frame from pre-launch to post-launch to meet product launch expectations.

With increasingly crowded therapeutics areas in the pharmaceutical industry and a more restricted promotional environment, medical affairs professionals must increase its role in product launch to prepare the marketplace to drive increased awareness and the probability of success.

At ExL’s Medical Affairs & Communications Launch Readiness Summit medical affairs professionals will be able to learn best practices in taking a structured approach to enhance medical affairs activities surrounding a launch and increase the knowledge and communications with thought leaders.

Top Five Reasons to Attend:

  1. Illustrate how medical affairs is involved in the launch process in biotech and pharmaceutical companies
  2. Understand challenges in managing successful medical affairs launch support
  3. Highlight strategies for effective thought leader segmentation and relationship management
  4. Explore and define strategies for allocating medical affairs launch budget effectively
  5. Define industry best practices for new product pre-commercialization

Who Should Attend:

This conference is designed for representatives from pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device organizations with responsibilities in the following areas:

  • Clinical/Medical/Global Affairs
  • Medical Directors
  • Medical Science Liaisons/MSLs
  • Medical Strategy/Communications
  • KOL Thought Leader Relations
  • Product Launch
  • Brand Management
  • Commercial Operations
  • Market Access
  • Marketing
  • Distribution
  • Product Management
  • Strategy & Operation

This conference is also designed for:

  • KOL/Thought Leader Mapping Organizations
  • Data Management Solution Providers
  • Communications Agencies
  • Software Communications
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Medical Affairs Service Organizations
Startdate: 2019-12-02
End Date 2019-12-03

Performer: ExL Events
Address : Medical Affairs & Communications Launch Readiness Summit