Agenda – 15th Pharmaceutical Meeting Professionals Summit

We are currently conducting industry research to identify the session topics and speakers that are of the most relevant, value and importance. To provide feedback and help shape the program and/or get involved as a speaker, panelist or roundtable moderator, please contact Event Director, Kristen Hunter at 212-400-6241 or

Suggested Session Topics

  • INDUSTRY TRENDS: Overview of Current Industry State, Identification of New Trends and Projections for the Future
  • MEETING OPTIMIZATION: Effective Strategies for Maximizing Value while Managing Costs
  • EVOLVING PROCESSES: Effectively Driving Change to Innovate Meetings and Events and Optimize Efficiency
  • LEVERAGING DATA: Collecting and Leveraging Data Analytics to Drive Meeting Improvements
  • COMPLIANCE CHALLENGES: Discussing Common Challenges when Achieving Compliance and Strategies to Overcome Them
  • CONTRACT DEVELOPMENT AND NEGOTIATION: Effective Contracting and Negotiation Tactics that Maximize Value while Minimizing Cost
  • INCENTIVE/RECOGNITION MEETINGS: Examining Best Practices and Proven Strategies for Planning Effective Incentive/Recognition Meetings
  • EMBRACING TECHNOLOGY: Staying Current on New Technologies and their Application to Meetings
  • COMMUNICATING EFFECTIVELY: Fine Tuning Written and Verbal Communication to Effectively Deliver The Right Message
  • RELATIONSHIP OPTIMIZATION: Strategies for Building Valuable and Sustainable Relationships that Benefit All Partners
  • GLOBAL MEETING MANAGEMENT: Developing and Executing Compliance, Cost-Effective and Productive International Meetings
  • STRATEGIC MEETINGS MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS: Designing an Effective SMMP, Identifying and Overcoming Common Implementation Obstacles and Measuring and Maintaining Program Effectiveness
  • COLLABORATING WITH PROCUREMENT: Tips for Effectively Partnering with Procurement to Streamline and Optimize Meetings Operations
  • BECOMING A PREFERRED PROVIDER: Understanding the Industry and What the Client is Looking for in a Long-term Partner
  • SMALL MEETING STRATEGY: Cost Effective Tools and Tips when Executing Small Meetings
  • COMPLIANCE DOCUMENTATION: What Agreements and Documentation are Necessary to Demonstrate Meeting Compliance
  • TRADESHOWS AND CONVENTIONS: Proven Strategies for Measuring and Optimizing the Tradeshow and Convention Experience