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Multichannel marketing report: Are pharma companies lagging in social media use?

social mediaMultichannel marketing is key to the survival of your company.  It’s important that you reach out to consumers not only through one or two traditional avenues, such as mass mailings or TV commercials; companies also need to take advantage of the digital world, and instantly connect with consumers through multiple devices and through multiple social media platforms and apps.

Pharmaceutical companies in general don’t have a great reputation for being digitally innovative or making the best use of digital venues for targeting consumers.  One example comes from a recent article published in NJ Biz, which discusses how many pharmaceutical companies aren’t making good use of social media.  While some major companies, such as Johnson & Johnson, appear to be using social media effectively, others aren’t active on social media or don’t use all the available major social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube).

What advantages can social media marketing confer on pharmaceutical companies?

  • Companies have the opportunity to interact with patients directly, and not only through doctors and pharmacists.  They can use these communications to point patients to information they need.
  • Social media has enormous word-of-mouth potential.  An interesting tweet, Facebook post, or YouTube video can be shared by hundreds, even thousands of people, increasing your brand recognition and trustworthiness.
  • Increasing numbers of people are tuning into social media not just for entertainment purposes but for information.  They access these sites on computers and on mobile devices from pretty much anywhere.
  • Companies can get a good sense of consumer demographics when it comes to social media platform use. For example, people in certain demographics might be more likely to enjoy and share Facebook posts than others.  This information will affect the kind of content you choose to share on these different platforms.
  • Active use of social media sites helps keep you fresh in the minds of the public.

According to the article links to earlier in the post, the FDA is aiming to come out with guidelines for ethical social media use by mid-2014, which should help ease concerns about the risks of being active on these sites.  While social media can’t replace other marketing venues, their effective use should be part of any robust multichannel marketing plan.

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