2019 Healthcare Pricing and Reimbursement Stakeholder Summit – 2019 Healthcare Pricing and Reimbursement Stakeholder Summit

The 2019 Healthcare Pricing and Reimbursement Stakeholder Summit examines the current and future changes to the pricing landscape as it shifts in response to administrative changes.

Given federal and state pricing requirements arising, press releases from industry leading pharma companies, and the new Drug Transparency Act, it is important to stay ahead of news headlines and anticipated requirements in order to hit company profit targets, maintain value to patients and promote strong, multi-beneficial relationships with manufacturers, providers, payers, and all other stakeholders within the pricing landscape.

This conference will provide a platform to encourage a dialogue among such stakeholders in the pricing and reimbursement space so that they can receive a current state of the union regarding regulatory changes while providing actionable insights in anticipation of the future.

Top Five Reasons to Attend:

  1. Explore drug pricing transparency on a federal and state level along with its current and anticipated impact on all sectors
  2. Engage industry leaders to share their methods for approaching the changes of the pricing landscape
  3. Benchmark definitive practices within drug pricing in order to minimize uncertainties brought about by administrative decisions
  4. Discuss value-based pricing from multiple perspectives in order to gain a full understanding of the key players involved
  5. Gain multi-stakeholder perspectives on the future of drug pricing and the implications it has on organizational functions

Who Should Attend:

This conference is specifically designed for pharma, biotech and med device professionals responsible for:

  • Pricing and Reimbursement
  • Global market access
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Industry Relations
  • Hospital Business
  • Patient Access
  • Value and Access
  • National Accounts
  • General Counsel
  • Legal Counsel
  • Senior Counsel
  • Corporate Counsel
  • Corporate Legal
  • In-house Legal
  • Patient Support Services
  • Patient Services and Reimbursement Insights
  • Patient Access
  • Reimbursement Services
  • Reimbursement Strategy and Contracting
  • HEOR
  • Provider Reimbursement and Contracting
  • Provider Communications
  • Provider Network Services
  • Provider Contracting
  • Provider Relations
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Payer and Provider Collaboration
  • Payer Contracting and Reimbursement
  • Real World Evidence
  • Real World Data
End Date

Address : 2019 Healthcare Pricing and Reimbursement Stakeholder Summit