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Skills for Managing an eTMF Based on Job Searches

In a recent guest column over on Clinical Leader, Audrey Rossow (A Rossow Consulting, LLC) discussed her findings from job searches using the term “trial master file,” revealing the needed skills for managing an eTMF. You’d think that the listings she found would be quite similar, if not the same in regards to the requirements and skills needed to apply for these positions, but you’d actually be incorrect!

Rossow’s article breaks down the types of positions that come up in this search (including TMF Associate/Coordinator/Manager/Specialist, Clinical Project Associate, and more), and how these listings spelled out what the respective companies were looking for in the candidate(s). So, what did Rossow discover from her research and how will it help those looking to work in the TMF management fields?

Click here to read the full article!

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And speaking of TMF news: Medidata Solutions Introduces New Collaborative Workspace for Sites, Sponsors, and CROs to Manage TMF Content.

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Andy Chu, Director, Regulatory Affairs, Regulatory Systems Strategy, BIOGEN
Debra Wells, Manager, TMF and Compliance, EISAI
Robert Willis, Director, Merck Research Labs IT, MERCK

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