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Exclusive Q&A: Susan B. Levy Consulting’s Founder and Principal Discusses Rx-to-OTC Switch

Before she takes that podium at our 4th Rx-to-OTC Switch Summit, Susan B. Levy Consulting’s Founder and Principal, Susan Levy, sat down with ExL to discuss the OTC market and pre-launch preparation. Take a look here:
You’ve been involved in ExL Events’ Rx-to-OTC Summit since 2014 — what has changed since then and what brings you back?
Since 2014, we’ve seen additional switches in existing OTC categories, including Flonase, Nexium, Rhinocort, and Xyzal. Some of these switches have been more successful than others. We’ve also seen two Advisory Committee Meetings. Singulair failed to…


Just Announced: The 4th Rx-to-OTC Switch Summit!

ExL Events is excited to present the 4th Rx-to-OTC Switch Summit, taking place on December 6–7, 2017 in Philadelphia. The Summit will bring together experts to provide a complete understanding of the switch landscape from quality, testing, regulatory strategy and marketing standpoints.

Now in its fourth consecutive year, ExL’s Rx-to-OTC Switch Summit is the most advanced thought leadership event that experts can attend to discuss all aspects of a switch from the NDA process to the…


ExL Events’ December Conference Showcases Latest OTC Trends

Report: Rx to OTC switches drive growthAs highlighted by ExL Events’ Rx to OTC Summit Chairperson Steve Francesco of Francesco International, switches to OTC are on the rise in both volume and in generating sales. Indeed, as many as seven switches may be approved through 2016, and over the counter drug sales have increased with the recent switches of two high-profile allergy medications, Nexium 24HR and Nasacort Allergy 24HR.

In the coming years, switches will likely spread to medications that treat chronic diseases, a change that is sure to be a…


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