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Unskippable Snapchat Ads, Pharma, and the 2018 FiercePharmaMarketing Forum

While mixing tech with pharma isn’t exactly a new concept, you might be surprised to learn that Snapchat could be a vital partner for the industry. Join us at the 2018 FiercePharmaMarketing Forum (March 6–7 in New York City) to learn (among many other things) just how this popular smartphone app’s new advertising platform can benefit pharma and those working in related fields.

According to FiercePharma, Doug Weinbrenner, VP of engagement strategy at FCB Health‘s Area 23, recently revealed that pharma’s presence on Snapchat wouldn’t be that surprising if the social network company decides to move forward with its rumored three-second, unskippable advertisements.

“If Snapchat does this and it’s agreeable from a cost perspective, I do see some aggressive pharma companies going after this, more than likely with unbranded ads,” Weinbrenner said in a recent interview.  “The demographic that’s on Snapchat has been a very desired demographic for pharma and will continue to be in 2018. Pharma companies have had a harder time figuring out how to engage with them, and by them, I mean older millennials, Gen X and maybe younger millennials as well.”

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Is Snapchat’s rumored advertising technique the future of pharma? Join us at the 2018 FiercePharmaMarketing Forum to learn more on this subject by attending the following session:

Panel: Digital Intelligence: Tech Companies Discuss New Tools and Techniques 

Pharma digital marketing communications have come a long way, but some companies are still reticent to be first movers when it comes to the latest tools and techniques. Social media and digital experts from big brands in digital tech will discuss and debate the most effective tools pharma should already be using, and reveal the most promising tools on the horizon for building pharma brands online. 

Danielle Salowski, Industry Manager, Healthcare, FACEBOOK 

Michel Ballard, Head, CONDE NAST HEALTH 

Senior Executive, TBD, BUTLER/TILL 

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